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A team dedicated to virtual experimentation

Who We Are

PraxiLabs was built, and is continuously developed and improved, by a dedicated team of programmers and education specialists who understand the importance experimentation in science education.

We’ve developed a product that makes virtual science labs accessible, usable, and affordable for educational institutions and schools. PraxiLabs not only provides an immersive virtual lab experience, but adds enriched content that provides students more understanding and knowledge.

The PraxiLabs team does not simply offer schools, colleges, and institutions this fantastic solution, it partners with them to ensure those organizations are utilizing it for the best of its capabilities.

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Dedicated Team

The Praxilabs team is dedicated to enhancing science education in your organization to enhance the educational experience of your students.

Constantly Developed

Technology never takes a day off, and that is why we constantly seek ways to improve and enhance our solutions.

Custom Projects

The PraxiLabs team can develop custom projects for your institution. Whether you require technical virtual workshops or specific science experiments, our team can create it for you.