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Experience a virtual world of science education.

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PraxiLabs provides educational organizations and their learners with a large and growing library of virtual chemistry experiments. Experiments currently available cover areas in general, analytical, and organic chemistry. Students can learn and understand through experimentation without the hazards or high costs.

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The PraxiLabs experiments available in the fields of physics cover a wide range of topics in the areas of nuclear physics, thermodynamics, electricity, and more. Provide your students and learners with virtual physics labs that encourage interaction and enhance understanding.

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PraxiLabs offers more than a microscope for each student to understand biology on a molecular level. Enrich your students’ knowledge and understanding with immersive virtual experiments on topics ranging from DNA extraction and genetic cloning to tissue culture and protein electrophoresis.


Some of PraxiLabs Unique Features

3D Simulation

Enter a realistic, virtual, 3D scientific simulation that enhances the students’ understanding of the material they learned.


Save money on expensive equipment. You won’t need to securely and safely maintain a supply of chemicals in the lab. PraxiLabs provides a safer and more affordable alternative.

Immersive Interaction

With various interactive options and responsive feedback, students will gain a virtual hands-on approach to science.


PraxiLabs is available in both Arabic and English.

Adaptive Learning Style

PraxiLabs combines its virtual lab with additional multimedia and text to provide each learner with material that fits his/her learning style.

Compatible With Modern Platforms

Praxilabs is compatible with common modern platforms and can be accessed virtually anywhere, so your virtual lab goes wherever you take it.

Take Your Lab Anywhere

Praxilabs is compatible with all the common modern operating systems and platforms, so you can take your virtual lab wherever you go.

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Happy Clients

"In my latest research, I used the PraxiLabs virtual physics labs. It helped increase the laboratory skills of the experimented students by 93%, as it also increased the rate of the student's imaginative thinking by 92%. I highly recommended educational institutions to adopt virtual labs as an effective learning method for most fields of science" Dr. Abdulwasee Heig, PhD Lecturer - University of Hajjah