-The acid content of many foods and beverages contributes significantly to their taste. Soft drinks often contain varying quantities of several acids, which give sodas their tart flavor. In cola products, these acids are predominantly carbonic acid (from the carbonated water) and phosphoric acid. In sodas such as Sprite and 7-Up, the acids are carbonic acid and citric acid.
-In this experiment you will be performing a titration to determine the concentration of citric acid in a soft drink.
-A buret is used in a titration to dispense measured increments of one solution into a known volume of another solution. Careful technique will allow you to detect the point where the reaction is complete; in this case, when all of the citric acid has been reacted with the base.


  • Determine the concentration of citric acid in soda using a standard solution of sodium hydroxide.


  • Neutralization Titration

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