PraxiLabs New 20+ Experiments and Updates Now Revealed!

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“Not only new experiments and updates, but also discount codes!”

This is how PraxiLabs latest free webinar started. On March 27, 2022, PraxiLabs held a webinar where both our 20+ newly added experiments and system updates were discussed.

Our hosts, Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy, Dr. Mona Magdy Saber, and Dr. Heba Elwi, all walked the webinar attendees through some of PraxiLabs virtual experiments and conducted two experiments live, allowing them to live the lab experience themselves.

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Exclusively blessed with many new features, PraxiLabs offers its students and professors:

  • Enrichment Documents
    Informational content that is not necessarily scientific, rather, it discusses fun facts or historic information about the experiment.
  • Exercises
    Non-repeated MCQ questions, to assess students’ understanding of the experiment. Questions can have more than 1 right answer.
  • Safety Precautions and Infection Control
    Students are introduced to the lab’s safety procedures. While safety and infection control notes pop-up along the experiment.
  • Progress Bar
    To help students track their progress and know whether they are moving forward with ease, or struggling throughout the experiment.
  • Superior Time Management
    If it takes a specific step—say, one hour—to be conducted in the real physical lab, it takes only 60 seconds PraxiLabs time! Granting students and professors better time management.

And much more… It is to say, PraxiLabs is expanding and evolving more than ever and is receiving users’ suggestions regarding the features or updates they long to have in their virtual lab experience.

With PraxiLabs, students are now able to:

  • repeat the experiment as much as they wish, until they excel and comprehend it in the best way possible.
  • Get a downloaded Excel sheet after submitting their readings and calculations, so they can archive and save all the data.

Exclusively for teachers and professors, PraxiLabs enables you to:

  • Have the easiest integration of a learning management system (LMS), whether your institution has one, or it does not.
  • Get detailed students’ performance reports, where you have access to every single detail.

The webinar elaborated and revealed the names of the experiments, specified in different science branches. The experiments are listed as follow:

  • Molecular Biology
    DNA fingerprinting using Gel Electrophoresis
    Bacterial Plating Out Technique Experiment (Streak Plate Method)
    Antibiotic Sensitivity Test (Disc Diffusion Method)
    Coagulase Test
    Catalase Test
    Oxidase Test
    Indole Test.
  • Organic Chemistry
    Synthesis of Aspirin
    Electrophilic Substitution (Azo Coupling)
    Reaction of Alkyl Halides (Hydrolysis of Alcohols)
    Friedel Crafts Acylation of Anisole
  • Inorganic Chemistry
    Flame Test
  • Analytical Chemistry
    (Strong Acid/Strong Base Titration) HCl/NaOH
    Weak Base/Strong Acid Titration
  • Physics
    Joule’s Experiment
    Ballistic Pendulum
    RC Circuit (Charging Capacitor)
    RC Circuit (Discharging Capacitor)
  • General Science
    Safety Lab

Many prestigious partners and clients are on PraxiLabs’ list of excellency, i.e., collaborating with the UAE and Liberia governments.

Still hesitant? Take a look at our clients!

list of some of PraxiLabs' partners and clients
List of some of PraxiLabs’ partners and clients


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