PraxiLabs Helps You Conduct Science Experiments Anywhere Via 3D Interactive Virtual Labs

Whether you are teaching or learning biology, chemistry, or physics at university, We’ve got you covered.

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Experience a Virtual World of Science Education


PraxiLabs offers more than a microscope for each student to understand biology on a molecular level. Enrich your students’ knowledge and understanding with immersive virtual experiments on topics ranging from DNA extraction and genetic cloning to tissue culture and protein electrophoresis.

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PraxiLabs provides educational organizations and their learners with a large and growing library of virtual chemistry experiments. Experiments currently available cover areas in general, analytical, and organic chemistry. Students can learn and understand through experimentation without the hazards or high costs.

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The PraxiLabs experiments available in the fields of physics cover a wide range of topics in the areas of nuclear physics, thermodynamics, electricity, and more. Provide your students and learners with virtual physics labs that encourage interaction and enhance understanding.

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Why PraxiLabs?

Immersive 3D Interaction

PraxiLabs provides students with an immersive and interactive 3D simulation of a realistic lab, enhancing their understanding and knowledge with a virtual hands-on experience of what they’ve learned.

Beyond the Lab

Students get more with PraxiLabs, thanks to its various study aids provided in different formats and its assessment to boost their knowledge and understanding, in addition to the opportunity to perform experiments safely.

Adaptive to Learning Styles

We provide an experience and educational tools that fit every student’s unique learning style, with various multimedia formats and adaptive learning experiences that will help them excel.

Usability & User Experience

Visual aids, easily usable multimedia, and immediate feedback by our famous “lab partner” to guide students through the process for an enriched experienced and a smooth educational process.


PraxiLabs is available in both Arabic and English to provide a thorough experience for students with the same user-experience and knowledge in both languages.

LMS Integration

Your students can now quickly and easily access your virtual lab right from your Learning Management System with a great feature that allows for easy integration between Praxi labs and your preferred LMS.

Happy Clients

In my latest research, I used the PraxiLabs virtual physics labs. It helped increase the laboratory skills of the experimented students by 93%, as it also increased the rate of the student's imaginative thinking by 92%. I highly recommended educational institutions to adopt virtual labs as an effective learning method for most fields of science Dr. Abdulwasee Heig, PhD Lecturer - University of Hajjah
Great user experience and impressive interaction, I am very pleased to have tried the simulations and will continue to do so Khaled M Goher, BSc MSc PhD MIET PGCertHE Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering
School of Life & Health Sciences
Aston University, UK

Free Access to Sample Experiments of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

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Take Your Lab Anywhere

PraxiLabs is compatible with all the common modern operating systems and platforms, so you can take your virtual lab wherever you go.
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Latest News

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PraxiLabs wins Next Billion EdTech Prize 2019

Praxilabs wins the 2019 Next Billion EdTech Prize during the Global Education and Skills Forum that was held in Dubai, UAE from the 22-24 of March 2019. Thirty EdTech startups were selected out of 800 to compete, and only 3 have won the prize. We are proud to be the only winning startup from the MENA region.

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Introducing the New Biology 3D Simulations

In order to provide you with an all-in-one portal of 3D science simulation, We have added a new section for Biology 3D simulations Latest addition to our simulations. PraxiLabs is not only offers a microscope for each student to understand biology on a molecular level, but also enriches your students’ knowledge and understanding with immersive virtual experiments on topics ranging from DNA extraction and genetic cloning to tissue culture and protein electrophoresis.

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New Release of PraxiLabs V.5.3

We are pleased to announce that a new version of PraxiLabs has been released (V. 5.3), which comes with some new features including: Enhanced design and user experience, Additional content and multimedia files, the ability of integration with the learning management systems and the Compatibility with Tablets & Smartphones so you can access your virtual science labs everywhere and anytime.

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PraxiLabs joins Katapult Global Acceleration Program in Norway!

We are pleased to announce that PraxiLabs has been chosen, alongside 11 other impact-centric startups, to join Katapult Accelerator for their three-month program in Norway. We were selected amongst 1500 applications from 107 countries around the world, with a selection rate of only 0.8% – we are excited to be a part of this group of talented people!

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