PraxiLabs’ Simulations at King’s College London

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At PraxiLabs, we are constantly looking for new ways to reach more students in global universities to be part of the advancement of science education today. In this spirit, we’re excited to announce the addition of King’s College London, the well-reputed leading research university that ranks among the top institutions in (THE) World University Rankings, to the list of educational institutions that chose PraxiLabs. 


King’s College London is one of the largest healthcare learning centres in Europe. It incorporates three teaching hospitals and provides a home to more than 27,000 students from 150 countries who benefit from enrolling in other fields like business, engineering, social sciences, the humanities and more.


It is worth noting that PraxiLabs has been established based on a specialized team of programmers and education experts who acknowledge the significance of scientific experiments and tests in the field of science education.


“We are excited to work with King’s College London, one of the top in the World. The UK is our launchpad to Europe and we are looking forward to helping more universities improve their students’ learning outcomes and increase their practice opportunities,” said Dr Khadija ElBedweihy, Founder and CEO of PraxiLabs.


PraxiLabs has been founded with the goal of making virtual science labs accessible, user-friendly, and affordable for educational institutions and schools. We also integrate significant educational content that facilitates students’ understanding of the steps of conducting experiments while providing them with additional necessary information.


It is always a privilege to work with great educational institutions to bring our platform to the world, and we will have more to share in the coming months. Stay tuned to our blog and subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates.

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