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All the Features You Need in One Science Virtual Lab

Immersive 3D Interaction

Explore a real-world lab, virtually. It’s as real as it gets! Save so much money used on dramatically expensive lab materials and bring true experience and practice to your students

Anytime, Anywhere for Enhanced Learning

Give students instant, unlimited access to any STEM virtual lab simulations you want from anywhere, without the hassle of them having to go to the laboratory. Let your young scientists enjoy their journey, at any time!

Practice-Centric Simulations

Control students’ learning and still give them the freedom they want! Repeat the same experiment over and over, watch the progress bar record, and get immediate feedback

Your All-Time Virtual Labs Partner. Better Engagement

Open up the gate for better student engagement with personalized learning! Oxi, PraxiLabs’ friendly virtual science lab partner, is always there to help, all the way!

A Game-Like Experience Like No Other

Who doesn't love games? Give students a little nudge with hints, a lab manual, skipping ahead at any stage (but still getting this reported), walkthrough videos, cautionary notes for toxic materials, instant support, and more

Make Your Ed Institution a Science HQ for All Students!

Watch your students practice virtual laboratory simulations till they perfect doing their experiment. Take charge of their science learning in no time, just like magic

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Neat Quizzes & Assessments

Forget complicated assessments for your students. We’ve boosted up your online virtual lab with the best multiple-choice Q&As. They’re goal-oriented and more engaging than ever, to complete the teaching cycle!

Tie Everything Together with Reports & LMS Integration

No matter the action taken, catch the simplest things with analytics reports and LMS integration, set up for you in only 1 day for free. Stay in control and save your finance and IT time and money

Get Full-On Virtual Laboratory Training

Rely on PraxiLabs’ training team! Our skilled team excels in helping train your ed institution to efficiently maximize the virtual simulations benefits without limitations

24/7 Tech Support!

Got an issue at any point? Small or big, our support team is more than happy to help resolve it in no time. Contact us at support@praxilabs.com

Customize Your Experiments in Any Language

Got an experiment in mind that’s not in our virtual Simulations Catalog yet? We make things come true! Just get in touch with us and we can customize it for your class in any language you want (upon request)

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Got a Question? FAQs..

Anyone with an interest in science can benefit from the use of our virtual science labs, whether you are an educator, student, researcher or even just self-learning for fun, all can benefit from our simulations in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

We provide highly interactive and immersive 3D simulations that mimic real-life labs. And while our focus is on scientific correctness and proper representation of labs, we also provide further support and guidance through our supplementary material and immediate feedback to not only exercise specific steps of an experiment but also experience and learn about the experiment for a better understanding.

Yes, you can set up a free account and experience our solution first-hand. Also, for all paid plans, we have a 7-day money-back guarantee: if you subscribe to PraxiLabs and decide that it's not right for you, you can get a full refund within 7 days of subscription.

PraxiLabs free plan offers you 20 fixed experiments in the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics with all the features you need. However, in paid plans, you can go through all the simulations portfolio available and select what you need.

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