PraxiLabs Chooses a New Partner for Success in the Philippines

Last Updated on June 20, 2022 by Mostafa

We are pleased to unveil a new partnership with C&E Adaptive Learning Solutions, the only educational publisher and distributor in the Philippines that caters to all segments of education, providing print and digital resources, elearning platforms, and systems for classroom and library.

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Despite being a year of global upheaval, 2020 brought about a number of major developments to C&E in digital solutions in education, such as the widespread switch to online schooling, use of learning platforms, and digital contents.

This, in turn, reflects the importance and role of distance learning and virtual laboratories in the educational process to enhance learning outcomes for students, especially in the field of science, and to provide an education model to be emulated in digitizing education in all disciplines and applications, especially after the spread of the Corona pandemic and academic institutions’ awareness of the importance and effectiveness of distance learning, in the continuation of the educational process, especially during crises.

It should be noted that PraxiLabs is supported by a dedicated team of programmers and education experts who cherish the importance of scientific experiments and tests in the field of science education. PraxiLabs has been established with the aim of making virtual science laboratories easy to use and accessible to educational institutions and schools. And we also integrate important educational content that facilitates understanding students to walk through the steps of conducting experiments and provide them with additional information.


C&E Adaptive Learning Solutions is a dynamic company that envisions itself as a leading developer and provider of globally competitive educational resources and solutions for the Philippines academic and professional markets.

In pursuit of this vision, C&E ALS is committed to providing innovative and comprehensive educational resources and solutions and continually strives to be a responsible corporate entity that balances the interests and needs of customers, stakeholders, and the community.


We are very proud of this fruitful collaboration which is in line with our goals at PraxiLabs to improve the quality of education and encourage innovation among students globally.

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