PraxiLabs Is Now at Nizwa University

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We are pleased to announce that the University of Nizwa, one of the leading and most prestigious universities in the Sultanate of Oman, has joined the list of distinguished educational institutions who choose PraxiLabs.

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The students at the Faculty of Science there will start to use PraxiLabs as part of their curriculum this year, with 120 virtual lab experiments to enjoy, achieving the goals and requirements of the university in digital transformation in the teaching of applied sciences. In addition, PraxiLabs integrated with the university’s Learning Management System (Moodle) to make it easier for students to conduct their experiments anytime and anywhere easily.

The University of Nizwa (UoN) was established in the Sultanate of Oman in 2004 as a faculty governed not-for-profit private university. The university seeks to provide a progressive and safe learning environment that is respectful of the traditions and values of the Sultanate.

The University of Nizwa aspires to be a beacon (minaret) of knowledge and enlightenment as a prominent higher education institution of excellence. It is to achieve a worldwide reputation for the quality of its programs and graduates and international distinction for innovation, progress, and development.

We have developed PraxiLabs labs with the aim of making virtual science labs accessible, easy to use, and affordable for educational institutions and schools. 

PraxiLabs not only provides virtual science labs but also holds rich educational content to help students understand the right steps to conduct experiments while providing them with additional information.

We would like to thank Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Sibani and all university members for their confidence in PraxiLabs and for being keen to keep pace with modern scientific and technological changes, and above all we wish them more success and progress.

We are proud of this news and waiting for more universities to join us soon.


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