PraxiLabs Most Important Achievements in 2020

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2020 was not an easy year but PraxiLabs was able to achieve a lot of goals, whether in competitions, participations, or initiatives. PraxiLabs  was also able to develop and add many improvements to its virtual science labs. In this article, we will show the most important achievements for the year 2020.

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First: The Most Important Competitions that PraxiLabs Won During 2020

1- Winning HUB71 MENA Growth Competition

Hub71 MENA Growth Competition, powered by MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab, is a competition that aims at finding the best tech startups to join a global ecosystem strategically located in Abu Dhabi Global Market Square on Al Maryah Island, offering an international network that will come together to enable startup success, innovation, and growth opportunities.

PraxiLabs won the regional competition and was selected to represent the MENA region in the global competition.

HUB71 MENA Growth Competition

 The selection of the jury of the MIT Forum for Entrepreneurship in the Arab World PraxiLabs was among  three Egyptian companies out of the eight winners of the Hub71 Growth competition.

PraxiLabs was selected seeing that it aims to provide equal opportunities for science, engineering, and mathematics education for students everywhere, through an interactive 3D virtual simulation of science laboratories, accessible and affordable by educational institutions and students.

2- Winning MENA TiE Women Initiative 2020

TiE Women is a global initiative dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs across the globe to come forward and speak of their entrepreneurial journey, share their innovative business ideas, and be a part of the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

MENA TiE Women Initiative 2020

Dr.Khadija Elbedweihy, the founder of PraxiLabs, was the winner of the TiE Women Initiative from the MENA region. PraxiLabs will represent TiE Dubai at the TiE Women Global Finale in January 2021 and will compete with the other finalists from across the globe for a chance to win $100,000, access to dedicated mentoring along with investor support and, other valuable prizes.

3- Winning MITEF Competition

PraxiLabs won the 13th Edition of the Arab Startup Competition. The Arab Startup Competition is the leading and longest-running program of its kind in the region designed to empower entrepreneurs and foster an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. MITEF Competition

Second: The 2020 Most Prominent Activities and Initiatives

1- Workshops at the Faculties of Pharmacy, Science, and Agriculture at Ain Shams University by using PraxiLabs laboratories

PraxiLabs teamwork gave theoretical lectures to students of scientific colleges and, at the same lecture, the practical experiment was conducted using the virtual PraxiLabs laboratories that contain 3D simulations of chemistry, physics, and biology experiments.

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Praxilabs laboratories at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University
A workshop to view the features of PraxiLabs virtual labs at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University


Praxilabs laboratories at the Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University
A workshop for students of the Faculty of Science at Ain Shams University to train them to conduct laboratory experiments using PraxiLabs


Praxilabs at the Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University
A training workshop for the use of PraxiLabs laboratories at the Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University

2-Participating in Changelabs Demo Day

Changelabs is a startup accelerator which is allowing youth to solve youth’s problems in today’s cycle of unemployment and poverty.

PraxiLabs which was one of the startups that are poised to create significant economic value while leveraging technology and delivering jobs has joined the Changelabs accelerator programme in partnership with several leading sponsors like Green for Growth Fund, Amazon Web Services, and FMO the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank.

3- Tech2impact Mentorship Program

PraxiLabs was selected for a 4-month mentorship program. tech2impact is a global platform for the impact tech ecosystem, supporting founders with needed resources and opportunities and providing tailored guidance in corporate impact innovation.

4- Participating in Arab Science Week

Arab Science Week is an initiative that aims to spread and simplify science for a general, non-specialized audience in all parts of the Arab world, through interactive content and activities in all fields of science and technology, provided by specialized scientists, researchers, and scientific and research institutions through a virtual platform that brings together scientists, researchers, scientific research institutions and the general public. Arab Science Week

5- Participating in a Workshop at Banha University

The Laboratory and Scientific Equipment Unit at Banha University, in cooperation with PraxiLabs, organized an online workshop on 3D virtual laboratories under the patronage of the University President and Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research.

6- Seminar at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Sadat University

 PraxiLabs team made a presentation explaining the virtual characteristics of PraxiLabs to the faculty members of  Pharmacy at Sadat University to introduce the virtual laboratories and their advantages, where Mr. Amr El-Gamal, Sales Manager of PraxiLabs, demonstrated these advantages in the presence of Prof. Dr. Dean of the College and a number of faculty members.

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Members of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Sadat University, in a PraxiLabs lecture
Mr. Amr El-Gamal with the Dean of the College and some of its faculty members


 7-  Online Workshop for South Valley University

The Laboratory and Scientific Equipment Unit at South Valley University organized a workshop in cooperation with Praxilabs in a live broadcast over the Internet which lasted for two hours, where the idea of virtual laboratories work and its importance in the digital age were explained.

In addition, a practical simulation of a DNA experiment was carried out, and the workshop was attended by 100 participants from different colleges and specialties from South Valley University and Egyptian and Arab universities. Participants recommended that the event should be repeated in other Egyptian and Arab universities.

8- Participation in a Webinar with Libyan Society for Quality and Excellence in Education

PraxiLabs participated in the activities of a reflection workshop entitled “A Guide to Building and Activating E-Learning Concepts and Implementation Mechanisms” with the Libyan Society for Quality and Excellence in Education.

The seminar included several speakers: Prof. Hussein Marjeen: President of the Libyan Association for Quality and Excellence in Education, Dr. Khadija Al-Badawi: Founder of PraxiLabs, Dr. Heba Alawi: Assistant Professor at Al-Qasr Al-Aini College of Medicine, and Mr. Amr El-Gamal: Manager of Sales of PraxiLabs.

This Webinar was coordinated and supervised by Mr. Hisham Hammam: Business Development Manager of PraxiLabs, and Prof. Solima Abu Bakr El-Fiqi: Member of the Libyan Association for Quality and Excellence in Education.

Speakers at the Praxilabs symposium for science professors in Libyan universities

9-PraxiLabs Initiative to Support Practical Colleges during Corona Pandemic

Under the circumstances of Corona and with the measures taken by many countries during the year 2020 to confront it, study has been temporarily suspended in educational institutions at various levels.

Therefore, PraxiLabs decided to launch an initiative to support practical colleges by providing 22 3D virtual lab experiments of the most important biology, chemistry, and physics experiments online for free for approximately 4 continuous months.

Praxilabs home page during 2020 initiative
Photo of PraxiLabs homepage during the initiative

The initiative has received positive reactions from professors and students of science in many universities around the world, as it has been mentioned in many sites such as the Arab Gate for Technical News website, and CNN in Arabic has published a full article on PraxiLabs with highlighting the role of virtual laboratories in facilitating the process of distance education, after the end of this initiative.

It is worth noting that there are more than 18,000 students and university professors from more than 100 countries around the world who have directly benefited from this initiative during the university closure period, as they were able to create accounts on PraxiLabs and access 22 3D simulations of chemistry, physics, and biology experiments completely free.

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Third: The Most Prominent Educational Institutions that Have Used PraxiLabs During 2020

In addition to the free subscription plan and the paid plans that individuals can subscribe to directly through the site, PraxiLabs also provides customized plans for educational institutions so that they can subscribe to a large number of students at the same time to allow more experiences for them.

Many different colleges and departments of science in several universities have rushed to subscribe to their students in PraxiLabs laboratories to enable them to access and conduct a greater number of laboratory experiments from anywhere, and these institutions include the following:

1- The Department of Entomology at Texas A&M University, considered one of the best universities in the world, opened in 1876 as the state’s first public institution of higher education.

Chris Wright, Assistant Professor in the Department of Entomology at Texas A&M University, said “PraxiLabs gave my students a good opportunity to actively interact with laboratory materials. Instead of watching videos about an experiment, they can actually complete experiments and learn practical applications of it with PraxiLabs” 

Chris Wright, assistant professor in the Department of Entomology at Texas A&M University


2- Quarry Lane School, California, USA, founded in 1991, has 900 students and 135 teachers and provides the International Baccalaureate (IB).

3- Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, USA.

4- De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute, Philippines.

5- University of Piura in the State of Peru in South America, which is a private university established in 1969.

6- Department of Biological Sciences at SUNY Old Westbury College of New York University, USA.

7- Northeastern University in Boston, USA, which is a private research university established in 1898.

8- Asia-Pacific International University in Thailand.

It is worth noting that the year 2020 witnessed a very significant increase in the usage rates of virtual science laboratories, as the number of visits to PraxiLabs during this year exceeded 400,000 thousand visits. 63% of these visits came through searching on the Internet, and you can view more usage data through the following infographic:

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Praxilabs 2020 usage statistics

Fourth: The Most Prominent Developments that Took Place at PraxiLabs during 2020

The most important developments and improvements made to PraxiLabs laboratories during the year 2020 included the following:

1- Increasing the number of experiments in the specializations of chemistry, biology, and physics to reach 96 experiments, and you can download the complete file that contains a list of all available experiments in all disciplines.

2- The ability to download experimental data inside the virtual laboratories to be able to easily analyze it.

3- Adding sound effects to a number of experiments to enhance students’ interaction while conducting them.

4- Improve the speed of uploading and running laboratory experiments to save you and your students’ time.

5- Adding explanatory videos to help your students identify the steps of the most important experiments.


[su_youtube_advanced url=”″]

An explanatory video of the steps for conducting a PCR analysis experiment


You can create a free account now on PraxiLabs and try the 3D simulation of two experiments from each discipline (Chemistry-Physics,and Biology).

You can also upgrade to one of the paid plans with a token subscription, where you can then add more experiments to your account and run them anytime and anywhere.

We are still working hard to provide the best to PraxiLabs users all over the world and we hope year 2021 will be full of achievements and success for us and for everyone.

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