PraxiLabs Organized a Webinar “Will Virtual Lab Simulations Replace Hands-On Real Labs?”

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PraxiLabs- April Webinar


Under the heading “Will Virtual Lab Simulations Replace Hands-On Real Labs?” a Panel Discussion was organized last Wednesday, 14th April, in which thought leaders in the edtech industry and professors from top ranked universities in the UK and the US came together to share their thoughts on some of the most interesting topics in edtech and virtual labs.

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During the webinar, Dr. Khadija Elbedweihy, PraxiLabs Founder & CEO, interviewed the Expert Panelists and asked them some questions to benefit from their experience in using PraxiLabs virtual labs with their students and also the progress of edtech especially during and after COVID.

PraxiLabs - April webinar

“Why do you need labs in your courses? If they have always been very expensive and not every faculty and department can afford them, can you just do without them at all?” 

“After being introduced to virtual labs and trying them yourselves, what changed from these thoughts and what stayed as is? So for example, did you have specific expectations or hypotheses that you wanted to verify and what did you find out?”

“Which is more practical or convenient from an educational perspective: lab simulations or VR?”

“How do you see the progress in edtech is moving?”

These were the most important questions discussed in the webinar.

For more details, you can view the full recording of the webinar from here.

It is worth noting that PraxiLabs holds a webinar monthly to discuss the most important topics related to virtual labs and edtech.

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