Virtual Science Labs from PraxiLabs: The Most Important Achievements of 2019

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A new year for PraxiLabs has just begun for the leading company in the field of developing virtual science labs in the Middle East and North Africa. This year has been marked by many activities and achievements made by PraxiLabs and various competitions and awards that Praxilabs have won between local and international.

PraxiLabs also participated in a range of multiple activities in cooperation with various educational institutions, in addition to making significant improvements to its virtual labs to help users get the maximum benefit from them.

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The Most Important Prizes that PraxiLabs Won during 2019:

1- First Place in the NextBillion EdTech Prize Competition in Dubai:

NextBillion is an open forum for the development through enterprise sector. Based at the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan, the site is a community of business leaders, social entrepreneurs, NGO managers, policy makers, academics, and others exploring the connection between development and for-profit business.

PraxiLabs has risen to be among ten companies in the field of educational technology from Africa qualified for the Next Billion EdTech award. The final competition was held on the sidelines of the Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF) that took place in Dubai from 22 to 24 March 2019. 1500 representatives attended the event from different countries of the world to discuss possible solutions to the most important issues of education.

It is worth noting that the award has been dedicated since 2018 to support innovative ideas in education. There were 800 companies specialized in developing educational technologies from all over the world participating in this competition. After the first qualifying stage, only 30 companies had risen up the ranks. And during the semi-final qualifiers, only 6 companies managed to reach the final round. Then PraxiLabs managed to win the first place with Ubongo from Tanzania and Dost Education from India.

2- Winning the Techne Summit in Alexandria:

PraxiLabs had won the Techne Summit Competition Award, which had been held in Alexandria during the period from 28 to 30 September 2019. Techne Summit Competition is an international event that focuses on various fields, especially investment and entrepreneurship, where it aims to support the owners of startups in the Mediterranean region. 

This summit started in Alexandria, Egypt, in the beginning of 2015. And in 2018, more than 6 thousand people, 130 speakers, 230 startups, and 80 investors from about 25 countries attended the summit.

By winning this award, PraxiLabs has qualified for the next stage of the competition, which will be held in Silicon Valley, USA, in May 2020, and the winner will receive a million-dollar prize.

3- Winning the South Summit Competition in Madrid:

The South Summit is an annual conference that brings together influential cadres in the world of entrepreneurship and is attended by the largest emerging companies and the most important talents from southern Europe, the Mediterranean, and Latin America and the best investors, in addition to the largest companies that aim for innovation. This conference is annually held in Madrid, Spain.

PraxiLabs managed to win this year’s conference award, which was held between 2 and 4 October 2019, for its contribution to developing the way science is taught in universities, through the virtual science labs it is developing.

4- Winning the Award of Prince Sheikh Salem Al-Ali:

PraxiLabs ended in 2019 by winning one of the most important information technology awards in the Arab world, the award of Prince Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics. Dr. Khadija Elbedweihy, the founder, received the award during the ceremony held under the patronage and presence of Prince Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, Prince of Kuwait, at Bayan Al Amer Palace.

The ceremony was also made more memorable by the presence of Her Excellency Sheikha Aida Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Award. On the day after the ceremony, she attended the introductory lecture given by Dr. Khadija Elbedweihy (CEO of PraxiLabs) on virtual science labs and their role in developing science education in practical colleges, at the award booth at the Kuwait International Book Fair.

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The 2019 Most Prominent Activities that PraxiLabs Participated in:

1- Participation in a Training Workshop in Cooperation with Innovation Hub at Ain Shams University:

The Innovation Center at Ain Shams University, Innovation Hub, supports the idea of developing science education in colleges by holding practical workshops to train students in using virtual labs.

Three-dimensional simulation for DNA extraction experiment—one of the experiments of biology labs provided by PraxiLabs—was used to train students. Dr. Heba Elwi, Kasr Al-Ainy College of Medicine, explained the steps to conduct the experiment for students.

At the end of the workshop, Professor Mohamed El-Banna, Deputy Undersecretary of the Faculty of Engineering at Ain Shams University, honor the students who attended the training workshop.

2- Participating in the Activities of the 10th Annual Conference of Arab Net in Beirut:

PraxiLabs had participated in the activities of the 10th annual conference of Arab Net Foundation in Beirut, Lebanon, on June 12 and 13, 2019. His Excellency the Lebanese Prime Minister, Mr. Saad Al Hariri, and a number of ministers, in addition to a large number of speakers and persons interested in entrepreneurship and technology from several countries around the world, also attended the conference, making it truly a remarkable event.

PraxiLabs had been represented by Dr. Khadija Elbedweihy (CEO and founder), and Mr. Essam El-Saadi (Co-Founder and Director of Operations), who showed the attendees the details of the virtual science labs provided by PraxiLabs and their most important advantages.

3- Participating in the Activities of the Cairo International Innovation Fair, 6th Edition:

PraxiLabs had participated in the 6th edition of the Cairo International Innovation Fair at the Center for International Fairs and Conferences, under the patronage of Professor Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

This fair aims to gather all those interested in science and innovations in Egypt and stimulate scientific innovation by bringing together scientists, innovators, inventors, and businessmen in one place. It is considered a link between all those interested in innovation and science. PraxiLabs team had explained the mechanism of action and features of virtual labs to the attendees.

Features that Were Added to the Virtual Science Labs of PraxiLabs during 2019:

During this year, the development team and education experts in PraxiLabs produced more than 20 new experiments, to be added to the existing experiments in PraxiLabs Virtual Science Labs, in the fields of physics, chemistry, and biology.

Moreover, PraxiLabs also had sought to improve the user experience by reducing the time required to load experiments on the Internet. PraxiLabs team is always keen on continuous communication with educational institutions and science education experts to learn about the proposals for modernization and development and ensure that we are keeping pace with modern trends to simplify science education.

Thus, we have made a quick summary of the most prominent achievements and activities made this year, which is considered to be the golden year for PraxiLabs. And we hope that next year will bring more achievements and success to the development of educational technology.

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