Breaking News: PraxiLabs in All Universities in Liberia!

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Last Friday, a partnership contract was signed between PraxiLabs, provider of virtual science labs, and the National Commission for Higher Education in Liberia. Through this cooperation agreement PraxiLabs grants a license, for its virtual simulations, to be used as an authorized digital tool adopted within all institutions of higher education in Liberia.

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This cooperation agreement comes as a continuation of PraxiLabs’ goals in working to achieve what the National Commission for Higher Education seeks, to develop and implement advanced study programs that meet the needs of national development, and to support the institution’s ability to employ the best technological methods in all higher education institutions in Liberia.

The signing of this agreement is a result of PraxiLabs’ keenness to break into the continent of Africa, to provide its virtual laboratories in all African countries, to advance the level of education in their educational and academic institutions. And this agreement with Liberia is the gateway to the main goal that we seek.

The agreement is a milestone in the level of digital education for Liberia, as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have been very challenging for most Liberian institutions due to the lack of the required laboratories, which sometimes cost hundreds of thousands of United States dollars to set up for the various institutions. So the National Commission on Higher Education has taken a giant step towards improving the quality of education in Liberia which will yield massive benefits for students of Liberian Universities and Secondary Schools.


 PraxiLabs in All Universities in Liberia PraxiLabs in All Universities in LiberiaPraxiLabs in All Universities in Liberia

During the agreement, Ms. Safiya El-Bedweihy, Co-Founder of PraxiLabs, outlined the significance of the virtual labs noting that they will boost learning outcomes of students particularly in the sciences. We have developed PraxiLabs labs with the aim of making virtual science labs accessible, easy to use, and affordable for educational institutions and schools. PraxiLabs not only provides virtual science labs, but also integrates rich educational content that helps students understand the steps of conducting experiments while providing them with additional information.

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We would also like to dedicate a big thank you to the Representatives of the National Commission for Higher Education:

Mr. James Andrew Lablah (Executive Director)

Mogana S. Flomo, Jr. (Technology Consultant)

We are proud of this unique partnership and waiting for more countries to join us.

The National Commission on Higher Education was established by an Act of the National Legislature in 1989 to formulate broad policy guidelines for the establishment of Institutions of Higher Education in Liberia, serve as the regulatory body for all Institutions offering degrees, and serve as the principal liaison between Institutions of learning offering degrees in the country. Additionally, the Commission does the following:

  •  Facilitate the establishment of an autonomous National Accreditation Center responsible to accredit all higher institutions of learning in Liberia.
  •  Approve new and existing programs of higher education for funding, after having satisfied itself of their needs for national development and assessing the institution’s ability to implement the program; and
  • Review existing programs at institutions of higher education with the aim of establishing priority programs of study based on national needs.

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