PraxiLabs Participates in Ain Shams Innovates 2022

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Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy, CEO of PraxiLabs, participates in the activities of “ASU Innovates 2022” competition.

The event includes more than 14 talks for inspiring entrepreneurs, and Dr. Khadija participated in the talk under the title “Industry-Academia Convergence: Bridging the Skill Gap.”

Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy, Founder and CEO of PraxiLabs, shared the experience of PraxiLabs and how her innovative idea spread throughout the world so fast, emphasizing her belief in the need to develop education, especially to help students facing the challenges of university study and qualify them for the requirements of the job market.

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PraxiLabs Participates in Ain Shams Innovates 2022

She said “This prompted me to search in a deeper way to create a solution that works to help educational institutions and enable them to overcome the obstacles that meet them, as they depend only in their teaching of science on traditional laboratories with high costs of employment and many risks of safety, in addition to the limited use that deprives students of the possibility to repeat experiments several times to enhance assimilation.”

Hence, the idea of creating PraxiLabs’ virtual laboratories to simulate science experiments aims to solve most laboratories problems in educational institutions, starting from the difficulties students face in entering the laboratories to the tight time available for them to experiment and practice well, in addition to the absence of necessary devices in the laboratories due to their high cost. PraxiLabs also helps to overcome ethical challenges such as those related to the use of animals in experiments, as well as overcoming the challenges of safety standards within the laboratories. 

ASU Innovates is an annual competition that aims to build a community and stimulate innovation at Ain Shams University by challenging participants to come up with innovative ideas that solve an existing problem or add value in any discipline, including technology, entertainment, design, science, humanities, business, and development. 

The competition is held for the third year with the participation of Ain Shams University faculties to win financial prizes of up to 425,000 Egyptian pounds.


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On the other hand, PraxiLabs was one of the companies participating in the first of its kind summer training forum for entrepreneurship submitted by startups in multiple fields at the closing ceremony of the competition.

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