Going Global! How PraxiLabs Benefits STEM Professors in the Philippines

Last Updated on November 15, 2022 by Sara Assem

On September 21st, a very exciting online webinar was hosted by Khadija El-Bedweihy—Founder of PraxiLabs virtual labs—to reveal the significant on-hands learning outcomes and changes that came as a result of using PraxiLabs.

The webinar guest speakers varied from professors to students:

  1. Mrs. Iluminada A. Ronio— Program Chair, Department of Biotechnology, College of Allied Sciences
  2. Mr. Blas Cintron, student
  3. Mr. Reavene Apostol, student

And they are from the De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute, Philippines.

PraxiLabs online virtual labs are designed to tackle pivotal challenges that face students in the STEM educational system. Laboratories are a core component to all STEMers now. Yet, if you are one, you must be looking for ways to overcome the obstacles of traditional labs. The majority of the reported problems faced are:

  1. Spending a short period of time in the lab
  2. Safety related considerations and precautions
  3. The high cost of the consumables and many more

The solution to all of this is unique, available online, and very easy to use: virtual labs. Not to mention, they are a complementary alternative, not a complete substitution, but they’re 3D realistic labs. Nothing comes closer to reality than that!

As a professor and from her point of view, Mrs. Ronio mentioned many benefits for using PraxiLabs:

  1. Repetition that leads to increase the student’s retention, since it allows them to practice as much as they can
  2. Direct experimental visualizations, with its immersive and interactive 3D environment
  3. Practical experimentation that allows educational institutions to save money

As for the students, Mr. Blas and Mr. Reavene mentioned some other on-hands differences:

  1. Safety: allowing students to have a much safer work environment around the lab
  2. The existence of a detailed lab manual that can be downloaded
  3. Providing students with appliances and instruments that might not be available in the actual lab, due to their high cost
  4. No material is wasted


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The three guest speakers unanimously declared that PraxiLabs offers the students another level of confidence when they are in the real lab. This emerges from the chance being given to them, where they can work virtually around each 3D virtual lab experiment before stepping a foot into the real lab.

With its 150+ experiments and its friendly virtual lab assistant, Oxi, it promises you an increased productivity of your students. All in all, PraxiLabs is designed to provide better science education to students in order to manage their science experiments better. PraxiLabs list of experiments is compatible with almost 60% of high school experiments.

At the end, Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy revealed special discounts offered for educational institutions by PraxiLabs, announcing that PraxiLabs’ team is ready to design and launch your experiment-of-desire, on-demand.

PraxiLabs walks the extra mile to let you offer your students an equal learning opportunity, with better outcomes. Watch the full Philippines Success Story: Best Practices for Virtual Labs to Improve Students Learning Outcomes and Grades webinar for more details…

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