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PraxiLabs: Key Sponsor and Active Participant at 12th Ain Shams International Conference!

Prepare for an Educational Revolution at the 12th Ain Shams International Conference at Triumph Hotel on May 30-31 2024! As the event draws near, anticipation builds for a groundbreaking gathering poised to transform Egypt's educational landscape. Organized by the esteemed IIOE Egypt Center, this conference shines a spotlight on the power of collaboration and partnerships to drive educational innovation forward.

PraxiLabs is thrilled to share its pivotal role as both sponsor and participant in this esteemed conference. Committed to advancing education through technology, PraxiLabs is a leader in virtual lab solutions, transforming the learning experience.

Join Us as we explore the transformative impact of partnerships alongside Dr. Khadija Elbedweihy, PraxiLabs' founder and CEO . Through an enlightening panel discussion, Dr. Khadija Elbedweihy will offer insights on "The Power of Partnerships for Enhanced Education, Innovation, and Integration”, illuminating how strategic collaborations can shape the future of education.

Don't miss out on this chance to revolutionize science education in our location at Triumph Hotel on May 30-31 2024 .Confirm Your Meeting Today with PraxiLabs’s CEO and embark on a journey of digital innovation with PraxiLabs. Let's shape the future of education together.

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PraxiLabs Making a Big Jump at LEAP 2024!

We’re taking our virtual labs to “the world's most attended tech event”, LEAP 2024, taking place from March 4th to 7th in the heart of Saudi Arabia's capital at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center, Malham. Dubbed as the gathering point for some of the brightest minds and latest innovations in technology, LEAP 2024 represents a monumental opportunity for PraxiLabs to showcase its groundbreaking virtual lab solutions to a global audience.

Dr. Khadija ElBedweihy and Eng. Safiya ElBedweihy, the visionary founders of PraxiLabs, will be at Pod H3, Booth D275 within the bustling edutech section. They are thrilled to explore potential collaborations, partnerships, and delve into discussions about the evolving landscape of educational technology.

PraxiLabs will be showcasing at LEAP 2024, both at our own pod and together with our partner, Board Middle East (BME), at Stand No # H3.F70. Drop by our booth or join us at BME's location to discover how together, PraxiLabs and BME are revolutionizing educational technology.

Tech professionals, enthusiasts, and potential partners are encouraged to contact us to pre-schedule meetings, ensuring dedicated time for thorough discussions about collaboration, partnership opportunities, or any inquiries related to our virtual lab solutions.

Do not miss this opportunity to engage with the minds behind PraxiLabs and learn more about our innovative solutions that are setting new standards in science education. We look forward to meeting you at LEAP 2024 and discussing how we can shape the future of education together.

For more information about PraxiLabs and our participation in LEAP 2024, or to schedule a meeting with us at the event, please Contact us

Meet Us at North Star Dubai 2022.. GITEX

We are delighted to announce that PraxiLabs is participating at NORTH STAR 2022, the world’s largest, most inclusive tech and startup show, and we would love to see you there!

Come and experience advanced innovations disrupting diverse sectors, and learn from the world’s most formidable minds in tech and business. GITEX GLOBAL features mind-expanding talks across 14 conference verticals, alongside hands-on workshops and certified trainings, from 10 – 14 Oct 2022 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

We have arranged for an exclusive offer for our valuable business associates.

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We’re in a Science Direct New Research!

PraxiLabs is honored to be mentioned as the software used in the experimental research, recently published on Science Direct, one of the subsidiaries of Elsevier, the world's largest scientific publisher!

The study mentions that the experiments were performed using PraxiLabs virtual labs in 2020.
Here are some of the research’s findings and recommendations:

  • Virtual labs yielded a more positive effect on students learning outcomes.
  • They’re gender-friendly and improve students’ laboratory skills, achievement, and creative abilities.
  • Educational designers can use virtual labs to produce courses that provide better learning opportunities and reduce the cognitive load of learning
  • Virtual labs can give time for learners to manage their learning in the performance of advanced tasks
  • Virtual labs cannot replace traditional laboratories but can respond to the existing challenges and optimize the learning process.
  • Virtual labs implementation in medical education and science literacy is vital.
  • Teachers should be exposed to virtual labs strategy to promote active and discovery learning, motivation, and learning by doing.
  • Students can benefit from virtual labs when learning about the real world, as they acquire conceptual knowledge and develop science process skills.

Read the Full Research now.

PraxiLabs Is in the Top 5 EdTech Startups

We are so proud that StartUs Insights recognized PraxiLabs, in its recently published data-driven analysis, as one of the top 5 #startups handpicked out of 126 in the field of EdTech.

This comes as a result of the changes that PraxiLabs is making in the Middle East region & around the globe, besides the role it plays in developing the way science is taught and practiced through the virtual labs it produces.
StartUs Insights is the leading startup and innovation network connecting the European startup community.

PraxiLabs April Updates: 20+ New Lab Simulations & Enhancements

PraxiLabs just added dozens of brand new 3D virtual labs simulations to PraxiLabs catalog. Professors now have more lab simulation options to pick from in order to enhance students' learning outcomes and engagement.

We are pleased to announce the launch of 25 new experiments (fields of biology, chemistry, and physics) by PraxiLabs virtual science labs, in order to provide advanced educational opportunities for all students of science colleges around the world.

The new features create a better experience for science teaching and learning. It all started from the need to make virtual science labs accessible, user-friendly, and affordable for educational institutions and schools and we’re on a roll!

PraxiLabs virtual simulations are now more interactive, personalized, empowering, and supporting like never before:

  • MCQ model answers
  • Walkthrough videos
  • Instant support
  • Game-like hints window

You can get to know them all, choose what suits you, and start practicing them from PraxiLabs new features.
PraxiLabs is built for every institution and professor to improve students’ learning outcomes and grades. But what’s more is that it empowers educational institutions to help science students learn, explore, and interact better.

PraxiLabs wins Next Billion EdTech Prize 2019

Praxilabs wins the 2019 Next Billion EdTech Prize during the Global Education and Skills Forum that was held in Dubai, UAE from the 22-24 of March 2019. Thirty EdTech startups were selected out of 800 to compete, and only 3 have won the prize. We are proud to be the only winning startup from the MENA region.

The prize was given to edtech startups that focused on transforming education and targeting teaching and learning in developing countries, and these are exactly what our objectives are with PraxiLabs. Therefore, as an EdTech solution that has been developed to overcome educational challenges, this prize is considered an amazing opportunity for PraxiLabs to achieve its purpose. Winning this award reassures us that we are on the right track and that educational technology can make a difference.

A lot of time and effort has been invested in PraxiLabs to become the solution that it is today, and we believe that it is going to play a global role in the development and growth of education. We are proud to have participated in such a significant event and honoured to be chosen as one of the winners.

PraxiLabs joins Katapult Global Acceleration Program in Norway!

We are pleased to announce that PraxiLabs has been chosen, alongside 11 other impact-centric startups, to join Katapult Accelerator for their three-month program in Norway. We were selected amongst 1500 applications from 107 countries around the world, with a selection rate of only 0.8% – we are excited to be a part of this group of talented people!

During the upcoming weeks, we will be involved in various hands-on activities with the top-notch team and mentors of Katapult Accelerator. They will help us to expand and grow our business; thus allowing us to take Praxilabs to the next level of its journey and guiding us to meet our goal of helping science students and educational institutions around the world with our safe, engaging, and cost-efficient virtual labs.