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Our Latest News

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PraxiLabs wins Next Billion EdTech Prize 2019

Praxilabs wins the 2019 Next Billion EdTech Prize during the Global Education and Skills Forum that was held in Dubai, UAE from the 22-24 of March 2019. Thirty EdTech startups were selected out of 800 to compete, and only 3 have won the prize. We are proud to be the only winning startup from the MENA region.

The prize was given to edtech startups that focused on transforming education and targeting teaching and learning in developing countries, and these are exactly what our objectives are with PraxiLabs. Therefore, as an EdTech solution that has been developed to overcome educational challenges, this prize is considered an amazing opportunity for PraxiLabs to achieve its purpose. Winning this award reassures us that we are on the right track and that educational technology can make a difference.

A lot of time and effort has been invested in PraxiLabs to become the solution that it is today, and we believe that it is going to play a global role in the development and growth of education. We are proud to have participated in such a significant event and honoured to be chosen as one of the winners.

PraxiLabs joins Katapult Global Acceleration Program in Norway!

We are pleased to announce that PraxiLabs has been chosen, alongside 11 other impact-centric startups, to join Katapult Accelerator for their three-month program in Norway. We were selected amongst 1500 applications from 107 countries around the world, with a selection rate of only 0.8% – we are excited to be a part of this group of talented people!

During the upcoming weeks, we will be involved in various hands-on activities with the top-notch team and mentors of Katapult Accelerator. They will help us to expand and grow our business; thus allowing us to take Praxilabs to the next level of its journey and guiding us to meet our goal of helping science students and educational institutions around the world with our safe, engaging, and cost-efficient virtual labs.

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We will be Attending ِArab ACRAO conference

PraxiLabs team will be attending the 37th conference of admission and registration for Arabic universities. The conference will be held in the first week of April 2018 (1-5 April) and it will be organized by Zewail city of science and technology and Arab ACRAO organization.The conference will be attended by the Egyptian minister of higher education Dr. khaled Abd Elghaffar and the representative of more than 100 Arabic universities from 12 Arabic countries.

New Release of PraxiLabs V.5.3

We are pleased to announce that a new version of PraxiLabs has been released (V. 5.3), which comes with some new features including: Enhanced design and user experience, Additional content and multimedia files, the ability of integration with the learning management systems and the Compatibility with Tablets & Smartphones so you can access your virtual science labs everywhere and anytime.

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Introducing the New Biology 3D Simulations

In order to provide you with an all-in-one portal of 3D science simulations, we have added a new section for Biology 3D simulations as the latest addition to our simulations. PraxiLabs does not offer a microscope for each student to understand biology on a molecular level, but enriches your students’ knowledge and understanding with immersive virtual experiments for topics ranging from DNA extraction and genetic cloning to tissue culture and protein electrophoresis.

New Experiments are Coming Soon

We will add more experiments to the physics virtual lab, the new experiments will include the following:D.C. Electricity, Measurement of Ohmic Resistances Using Ammeter and Voltmeter, Study the I-V characteristics of Non Ohmic Resistance and Kirchhoff's Loop Rule.

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