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Building a Model for Catalytic Interactions Virtual Lab Simulation

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General Aim

To demonstrate the importance of presence of enzymes in biochemical reactions showing their absence may lead to slowing down the rate of these reactions or even preventing them to take place.


The concept is explained through this experiment by studying the effect of acidic medium inside the stomach (represented by seven up here) on food (represented by biscuits). Then, the digestion of food (biscuits) is monitored in order to understand the necessity of the digestive enzymes for the vital process inside living organisms.

Learning Objectives (ILO’s)

  • The answer to the investigative questions: Why do the biochemical reactions require catalysts? What are the expected results of the experiment in the absence of enzymes in the term of speeding up or slowing down the rate of the reactions or even their occurrence?

Theoretical Background/Context

Millions of chemical reactions take place during daily life processes every second. Interestingly, enzymes act as vital catalysts that could speed up the chemical reactions by thousands or even millions of times.

In the absence of these enzymes, some biochemical reactions inside living organisms might happen with a very slow rate, while others would not have taken place at the normal temperatures.

For example, the digestion process aims to break down or digest foods represented in this experiment by biscuits by the action of stomach acid represented here by soft drink such as seven up.

Principle of Work

The presence of digestive enzymes greatly speeds up the process and this is what happens in normal cases in the daily digestion process. In the absence of these, as we will see in the experiment, digestion may not occur at all or occur at very slow rate that may exceed 24 hours.

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