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Hooke's Law Virtual Lab Simulation

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Hooke’s Law Virtual Lab

General Aim of Hooke’s Law Experiment

  • To determine the force constant of the spring statically and dynamically.
  • To determine the effective mass of the hanger.

Hooke’s Law Experiment.. Method

Mass‐Spring extension method.

Hooke’s Law.. Learning Objectives

  • By the end of the experiment, the student should be able to: State Hooke’s law.

  • Enumerates the factors affecting the spring constant.

  • Setup an experiment to determine the spring constant using static and dynamic methods.

Hooke’s Law Experiment.. Theoretical Background

Hook’s relates the force (F) pulling or pushing on a spring (or other elastic material) to the amount the spring stretches or compresses land this force is directly proportional to the extension Δl.

Where k is the force (or spring) constant.
When the hanger of mass M is loaded with a mass m is displaced slightly from its equilibrium position and then is released, it will perform simple harmonic motion with periodic time.

Hooke’s Law Principle of Work

Measuring the extension produced by different weights and period of oscillations caused by these different weights.

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