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A user-friendly interactive interface to enhance students’ learning experience

Additional multimedia files to help students while performing the experiments

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Immersive Interaction

PraxiLabs provides high levels of interactivity in a game-like environment, which helps students become more engaged and motivated.

Real-World Lab Experience

Using PraxiLabs, students will virtually experience work in a real lab, gaining a real understanding of the processes and concepts they are learning.

Increased Proficiency

Students become more proficient in lab procedures and tools, leading to better performance and retention.

Immediate Feedback

PraxiLabs provides progressive and contextual support to help students along the way whenever needed.

Friendly User Experience

PraxiLabs is designed with the student in mind, with a user-friendly interactive experience to enhance student-focus and understanding.

Supplementary Content

Experiment theories, hands-on simulations, and additional rich content are all adaptable to the different learning styles of students.

Enhance 21st Century Skills

Virtual labs were found to promote individual growth, self-learning, critical thinking, and cognitive and problem-solving skills.

Anytime, Anywhere

Students can access PraxiLabs anytime and anywhere according to their own pace and convenience.


Through PraxiLabs, students can gain a real-world understanding of the concepts and procedures without jeopardizing their safety.


No real animal testing is carried out and there are no harmful experiment effects on the environment.

Multilingual Support

PraxiLabs simulations are in both Arabic and English, with the ability to add more languages.

LMS Integration

Integrate PraxiLabs with your preferred Learning Management System (LMS) to follow up on your students’ performance.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

I love the idea of virtual labs. It's gonna be something that takes our R&D and work in labs to another level. And I look forward to seeing what PraxiLabs can do with it.


Head of Innovation
IE University - Spain

Great user experience and impressive interaction, I am very pleased to have tried the simulations and will continue to do so

thumb Khaled M Goher, BSc MSc PhD MIET PGCertHE
Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering
Aston University, UK

PraxiLabs has designed great science virtual lab, it’s very useful to those who teach science at universities, as it help us conduct the experiments with instant guidance, we also could repeat the experiments for unlimited times without wasting money on lab materials


Dr. Heba Elwi - Teaching Assistant
Qasr Al Ainy School of Medicine - Cairo University

In my latest research, I used the PraxiLabs virtual physics labs. It helped increase the laboratory skills of the experimented students by 93%, as it also increased the rate of the student's imaginative thinking by 92%. I highly recommended educational institutions to adopt virtual labs as an effective learning method for most fields of science

thumb Dr. Abdulwasee Heig - Lecturer
University of Hajjah - Yemen

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