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Experience 25 brand new virtual science experiments and all the latest features! Help your students learn, explore, and interact better through PraxiLabs

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New Enhancements for Your Virtual Science Experiments

New features of PraxiLabs virtual science experiments
Students interacting more with virtual science experiments

More Interactive

Get a step-by-step tutorial for each experiment

Virtual science experiments personalize student experience

More Personalized

Skip ahead when you need to but still get it reported on LMS

Scientist more empowered with MCQ answers

More Empowerment

Empower yourself with MCQ model answers and don't hold back

Walkthrough videos help students in PraxiLabs virtual science lab

Never Get Stuck

We’re with you every step of the way with walkthrough videos any time you feel stuck

Student and teacher doing easy virtual science experiments

Instant Support!

Forgot to enter the right calculation? Get the support you need instantly

You can get hints any time inside PraxiLabs virtual science lab

Hints Whenever You Need

To guide you with a larger, more comfortable, game-like Hints Window design

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PraxiLabs is the go-to virtual science lab for lots of leading schools and higher education institutions in the US and around the world to help their students stand out & master their lessons..

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25 New Lab Experiments Have Arrived to Your Virtual Science Lab

Awesome News! We've just added dozens of brand new virtual labs simulations to PraxiLabs catalog. From biology to chemistry & physics, pick your field and enhance your students' learning outcomes and engagement right away.

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