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New virtual science experiments are launched on our website to provide you, schools and higher education, with an all-in-one portal of 3D science simulations!

Doing online virtual science experiments in a virtual lab simulation allows students to learn from just about anywhere, home, library, or virtual computer labs. In the traditional labs, teachers spends a great deal of time demonstrating the procedure and the theoretical background of the experiments, But online virtual science experiments are faster and they also give students a feeling of being more comfortable while conducting the  experiments. 

About 25 new experiments are added to the List of 3D Science Simulations in the fields of chemistry, physics, and biology.

We’ve been working hard to develop PraxiLabs to enrich our users’ experiences. But our ultimate goal is to make  the interactive virtual science experiments science labs accessible, easy to use, and affordable for educational institutions and schools.

In order to provide you with an all-in-one portal of 3D interactive virtual science simulation, we’ve just added dozens of brand new online virtual science experiments to PraxiLabs catalog. From biology to chemistry & physics.

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2 New Virtual Physical Science Experiments Online

PraxiLabs new experiments available in physics cover topics in modern physics and properties of matter. Provide your students  with virtual physics labs that enhance understanding.

Zeeman Effect Experiment

Zeeman Effect virtual science experiments

In Zeeman Effect virtual lab, you will study the normal transverse and longitudinal Zeeman splitting of cadmium spectral red-line.

By the end of Zeeman Effect experiment you will :

  1.    Learn how to observe the Zeeman doublet and triplet splitting of characteristic red line (643.8 nm) in transverse and longitudinal configurations, respectively.
  2.   learn more about the operation of etalon or Fabry-Perot interferometer .
  3.   Conduct an experiment to study the Zeeman effect in Cadmium.
  4.   Detect the polarization state of the doublet and triplet components.

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Density Measurement

Density Measurement virtual lab

By the end of the experiment, You will learn to:

  •  Determine the density for different materials in the form of regular solid, irregular solid, and liquids. 
  •  Define the density of a material.
  •  Understand that the density is a property of the material.
  •  Identify the type of material from the density measurement. 
  •  Prepare a suitable experimental setup to determine the density of a material in the form of a regular solid, irregular solid, and liquids.

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19 New Online Virtual Science Experiments in Biology

PraxiLabs new enriching experiments in biology cover topics in biochemistry (Proteomics, Pharmacology, Toxicology) and Molecular Biology (Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Bioenergetics) like:

Adherent Cell Culturing using Mammalian Cell Lines

In Adherent Cell Culturing Virtual Lab simulation, you will understand how cells are cultured, propagated, subcultured, and frozen in liquid nitrogen for long term storage. In Vitro Cell Culturing is a very important protocol for preparing cells needed for all subsequent In Vitro Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity assays.

By the end of this experiment, the student will be able to: 

 Handle the consumables needed and the required instruments  in cell culturing process.

Accurately  follow the Aseptic Techniques of cell culturing.

 Follow and work  the general important safety guidance which is necessary for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

  Dissolve cells from Liquid Nitrogen and then seed them in cell culture flasks.

Harvest cells, check the confluence, and count them by the microscope.

 Store the cells for long term using liquid nitrogen.  

 Scale up the cultured cells to set up further experiments.

Cultivation of Virus in Chick Embryo


The main purpose of virus cultivation experiment is:

to learn how to identify and isolate viruses in clinical samples.

to do research on viral replication, structure and detect the effects on host cell.

know the steps of virus preparation for vaccine production process.

And by the end of the experiment, you will:

  • Become proficient at performing the viral cultivation consistently and accurately.
  •  learn the essential concepts of virology.

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Building a Model for Catalytic Interactions

     Building a Model for Catalytic Interactions


In the virtual lab of this experiment you will learn to demonstrate the importance of the presence of enzymes in biochemical reactions showing their absence may lead to slowing down the rate of these reactions or even preventing them from taking place.


The concept is explained through this experiment by studying the effect of an acidic medium inside the stomach (represented by seven up here) on food (represented by biscuits). Then, the digestion of food (biscuits) is monitored in order to understand the necessity of the digestive enzymes for the vital process inside living organisms.

And By the end of the experiment, you will know the answer to the investigative questions: Why do biochemical reactions require catalysts? What are the expected results of the experiment in the absence of enzymes in the term of speeding up or slowing down the rate of the reactions or even their occurrence?

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6 New Virtual Reality science Experiments in Chemistry

PraxiLabs new experiments currently available cover topics in organic and analytical chemistry. 

Here are some of the new virtual science experiments:

Diels Alder Reaction

Diels Alder Reaction


In the virtual lab of Diels Alder reactions, you will learn the synthesis of six-member cyclic organic compounds.

And by the end of the experiment, you will:

Become proficient at running organic chemical reactions.

Learning the basics of organic synthesis procedures.

Understand the mechanism of Diels Alder’s reaction.

Learn the function of Diels Alder reaction.

Get trained on how reflux and setup of reaction is used.

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GC/MS Analysis

  • Learn to analyze pesticides in a water sample.
  • Understand the basic concepts which are used for water samples analysis.
  • Learn how to do chromatographic techniques.
  • Understand and learn more about the mechanism of GC/MS operation.
  • Learn the roles of GC and MS in water sample analysis.
  • Get trained on using the instruments of the experiment and  also their software.

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Explore PraxiLabs New Virtual Science Experiments and Amazing FeaturesLearn More

PraxiLabs New Exciting Features Released

To drive more value and to Make Learning Accessible for All Learners, our new experiments come with exciting features.

  • Virtual Lab Tutorials

Have  a  more intuitive experience with  an interactive tutorial for each experiment and get to know how to use PraxiLabs’ simulations, no need for any orientation training for staff or students.

Get a step-by-step tutorial for each experiment that points out features inside the lab you may not be aware of. Know more about our lab options. Realize how to use your lab partner and the menu button and how to zoom in and out, rotate, or reset the camera. You can easily skip the tutorial anytime.


  • Skipping Experiments Students Already Know

If they know it, save time and let them skip ahead when they need to, but still feel included. Skip and a list of the experiment milestones will allow you to select and focus on the stage you want to understand more. 

Skipping, from the top right of the screen, brings students a more user-centered, focused, and personalized learning experience. 

With LMS integration, if a student skips one of the experiment stages, this will appear in the Students’ Performance and Progress Reports seen by the instructor.


  • Model Answers for Your MCQs

Are some MCQs about the experiment holding your students back? Reinforce their knowledge and correct any mistakes with PraxiLabs’ Model Answers.

Check if the answers are right or wrong. Get the scores and the model answer immediately. Have all MCQ results sent to your LMS. Confirm competencies or debunk any misconceptions while you’re at it!


  • New Walkthrough Videos  

Once you press on the blinking button that flashes whenever you feel stuck, PraxiLabs’ easy walkthrough video will stream a recording for any virtual lab simulation you need help with.

It’s fun and very thorough with a step-by-step explanation. Watch and closely observe how a step is done, if you find yourself stuck. You can fast forward the video to any part you want.


  • Find the Correct Input for Pipette & Observation Table

Get the support you need instantly, if you forgot the right amount you need to enter or if data is entered incorrectly, e.g., for the pipette or the observation table, at any point. Our friendly virtual assistant Oxi will alert you to any mistakes.


  • Hints Window: Guide Future Scientists 

With a larger, more comfortable, game-like Hints Window design, get the guidance and support you need for your students.

If the experiment is left without taking any action for over 45 seconds, a speech bubble will appear to guide you to the next step or to the “menu button” for more support and materials.

 Discover our vast and exceptionally diverse catalog of in-demand virtual lab simulations, to help enhance your students’ learning experience in sciences.


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