The Concept of The Teaching Methods and Teaching Techniques and Their Most Important Forms in The current Ages

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The educational process all over the world must undergo continuous development and modernization. It uses all modern techniques to keep up with the technology of the current age and its requirements. It is essential that students are constantly informed about the new updates to helps them increase their creativity. Therefore, it is also necessary to develop the teaching methods and teaching techniques in a way that helps develop the abilities and skills of students.

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Difference between teaching methods and teaching techniques:

The concept of teaching methods and the concept of teaching techniques are closely intertwined. The concept of teaching techniques has emerged as a result of the development of the concept of teaching methods. And we can define teaching methods as the methods, tools, and devices through which it has to be possible to assess, apply, plan the educational process, and provide the students with knowledge in order to reach the educational goals. It also represents the intellectual practices and the process through which the development of the educational process. In addition to improving the performance of the teacher, teaching methods can help the students to develop their capabilities, increase their level of understanding, and save their effort and time.

The concept of teaching methods is part of the concept of teaching techniques, which is broader and more comprehensive. Teaching techniques can be defined as an integrated organization that includes a set of materials, devices, tools, and educational attitudes that the teacher uses to clarify an idea or to change a vague concept in order to contribute to a better state of the educational process. It also aims to improve the curricula, the teaching methods, and the teacher’s conditions and abilities.


Some of the modern used techniques in education:

Over the past few years, we have witnessed the development of many technological techniques as a result of scientific progress. As a result, many advanced technological methods have emerged in the field of science such as computers and satellites. These methods have been reflected in the development process of education.Teachers now can use these modern methods to create an easy learning environment for students and help them to be more creative. It is also of course necessary for teachers to develop their personal skills, as teachers are now obliged to search for modern technological methods and keeping pace with it.

What are the most important modern devices and techniques in the field of education?


1- Virtual Reality Technique:


Virtual reality is defined as a 3D interactive environment designed by computer programs and it is linked to virtual reality glasses. The virtual reality surrounds users and transports them into a virtual world that seems real.

Virtual reality may be a fantasy or an embodiment of the real world, and we can deal with this virtual reality through the interactions between the virtual environment and the user’s senses and responses.

The technique of virtual reality is divided into two different forms:

The first is through the use of self-operated glasses without using the smartphone, and the other form is the glasses that need a smartphone to work, which is the most widespread form today.

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2- Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality technology combines real and virtual objects and allows the interaction between the real world and virtual world. It enables users to perceive the real world around them and incorporate virtual objects that suit the purpose for which they are being used, in contrast to virtual reality technology, which only allows users to interact with virtual reality.

There are many virtual objects that can be used in augmented reality technology, including books, pictures, video clips, audio recordings, 3D models and animations. Augmented reality technology combines these virtual objects with the real environment surrounding the user.

3- Digital interactive whiteboards

Is a large screen that connects to a computer or projector and displays the computer’s desktop on the digital writing pad and can be controlled by a tablet pen, finger, or other device.

4- Smart Boards

Is a high-resolution computer screen controlled by touch, has revolutionized the teaching methods and techniques. It is used in the classroom, or meetings and conferences, and it enables the user to store, print and send the content that was shown to others by e-mail If they can not attend.

5- Tablets

One of the most important features of tablets are their small size, ease of transfer and use anywhere, and ease of retaining many sources of interactive learning and e-books. Therefore, it is considered the most important technique of modern education and one of the most important tools of learning.

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