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It’s been another year of amazing challenges and achievements for our company ”PraxiLabs”. We’ve reached milestones and overcome obstacles. We were thrilled to share PraxiLabs 2022 recap with you.

We’ve picked out the biggest achievements and the most challenging moments, so you can get straight to the point and have a better understanding of what we’ve done behind closed doors.

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2022 Awards we are Proud of

Winning 1st Place at the FDC Summit 2022

Winning 1st Place at the FDC Summit 2022 - PraxiLabs 2022 Recap

PraxiLabs won first place in the fourth round of the techathon event held on the sidelines of the Future of Data Centers (FDC) Summit.

The FDCSummit 2022 is the biggest specialized technology summit in the Middle East and Africa.It’s an incredible event that showcases next-generation technologies and strategies from the world of Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data and Cybersecurity.

Among Top 10 Startups at Microsoft

PraxiLabs selected among the top 10 startups at Microsoft for Startups in partnership with GDEXA | Mentoring & Skilling.

Among Top 5 Startups Impacting Education

5 top startups impacting edu - tec

StartUs Insights recognized PraxiLabs, in its data-driven analysis, as one of the top 5 startups hand picked out of 126 in the field of EdTech.

StartUs Insights is the leading startup and innovation network connecting the European startup community.

Being Selected by HolonLQ  As One of the Top 50 Startups

PraxiLabs was selected among HolonIQ’s annual list as one of the top 50 promising startups handpicked out of 1500 startups in the field of EdTech in the region.

Among 10 Most Innovative VR Startups by Futurology Life

 Futurology Life mentioned PraxiLabs as one of the top 10 Most Innovative Egypt-Based Virtual Reality Companies & Startups in one of its shed articles. 

PraxiLabs Most Prominent Activities and Events in 2022

Participation in African Thrive Live (Business Growth Talk)

Participation in African Thrive Live (Business Growth Talk)

 Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy, Founder and CEO of PraxiLabs was invited to discuss and explore her journey as an African entrepreneur and the winner of the 2021 Africa’s Business Heroes.

Africa Thrive Live is a monthly AMI Thrive Community event that hosts candid conversations with entrepreneurs and business owners from across Africa live on AMI social media pages.

Africa Together Conference 2022 Participation

Africa Together Conference 2022 Participation

On May 21st, 2022, Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy participated at The Africa Together Conference 2022 powered by African Society of Cambridge University. She talked about her vision of improving education using technology and transforming PraxiLabs into the hub for virtual STEM education not only in Africa but around the world.

 Viva Tech Event Participation

 Viva Tech Event Participation  Viva Tech Event Participation

PraxiLabs participated as an exhibitor under the Egyptian pavilion during the Viva Technology Event.

VivaTech is Europe’s biggest startup and tech event held in Paris to ignite positive change in business and for society. It is a global catalyst for startup growth and the digital transformation.

Participating at Forum Future Schools of Oman

 PraxiLabs actively participated in the forum Future Schools of Oman 2022, the first event of its kind in the Sultanate of Oman to discuss the future of digital transformation in school education.

Dr. Khadija gave a presentation on how students can now use the virtual science labs and practice various experiments in chemistry, physics, and biology easily. She also shedded light on the importance of PraxiLabs role in enhancing students’ learning outcomes, raising engagement, and avoiding the hassle of real labs in educational institutions. Also the importance of empowering the school with the most advanced tools for school management; to improve learning in schools with various modern technological applications that can be used throughout the education process.

PraxiLabs as Part of the 2022 / 2023 Wise EdTech Accelerator

Because of innovation, educational impact, and market potentian of PraxiLabs, we are chosen and joined the new cohort of the 2022–2023 WISE Edtech Accelerator. Together with a community of edtech founders, investors and educators.

The WISE Edtech Accelerator aims to support innovation and changing the way we teach and learn.

 Participation in Ain Shams Innovates 2022

 Participation in Ain Shams Innovates 2022

Dr. Khadija participated in the talk under the title “Industry-Academia Convergence: Bridging the Skill Gap”. She shared the experience of PraxiLabs and how her innovative idea spread throughout the world so fast, emphasizing her belief in the need to develop education, especially to help students facing the challenges of university study and qualify them for the requirements of the job market.

EduVation Summit 2022

Dr. Khadija participated in EduVation Summit 22, one of the most important technology event for education in 2022. The event was about educational technology, its impact, and its importance.

PraxiLabs at North Star Dubai 2022

PraxiLabs at North Star Dubai 2022

For further expansion in the Middle East, PraxiLabs participated in North Star Dubai as a prestigious exhibitor among the world’s most formidable minds in technology and business that deliver a slew of advanced innovations disrupting diverse sectors.

GITEX Global unifies the most influential ecosystems advancing business, society, culture and economy in the world through the innovation power.

Appx 2022 Event Participation

Appx 2022 Event Participation Appx 2022 Event Participation Appx 2022 Event Participation

PraxiLabs participated as an exhibitor at the AppX 2022 event. It is an annual event held in IEEE Zewail City that aims to spread new ideas for technology that tackle many topics and talks on the technology behind VR / AR, the Metaverse. 

PraxiLabs aimed through its participation to provide students with a real experience of enhanced science education–in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics–by offering 3D interactive virtual lab simulations that are safe, affordable, and accessible anytime/ anywhere.

Global Entrepreneurship week (GEW) Participation

Dr.Khadija ElBedweihy participated at the GEW (Global Entrepreneurship week, PSU) and shared her journey as a successful Arab African woman entrepreneur having been crowned number 1 in the 2021 Africa’s Business Heroes competition from more than 12,000 applicants from all over the continent.

GEW is one of the world’s largest celebration of  job creators and the innovators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, expand human welfare and drive economic growth.

Reimagine Education Conference

Reimagine Education Conference - PraxiLabs 2022 recap

PraxiLabs participated in QS – Wharton Reimagine Education conference, where Eng. Safiya El-Bedwihy (CSO and Co-Founder of PraxiLabs) spoke in a panel entitled ‘’Follow the money: Using investment trends to predict the future of learning’’

Cairo ICT 2022 Participation

Cairo ICT 2022 Participation

Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy joined the panel discussion entitled “PropTech and Edu Tech: The Path to New Unicorns” at Cairo ICT 2022

ACRICE 5 conference Participation

ACRICE 5 conference Participation - PraxiLabs 2022 abstract

Dr.Khadija Elbedweihy participated in the 5th African Conference on Research in Chemistry Education (ACRICE 5) in which she gave a talk entitled “Virtual Labs Advancing Science Education”

During the talk, she discussed the importance of virtual science labs in teaching stem curricula. She also highlighted the important role that virtual labs play in improving student learning outcomes, as it not only provides virtual science labs but also provides rich educational content that helps students understand the steps of conducting experiments equipping them with additional information all the time without the risk of real labs.

Discover PraxiLabs through this walkthrough video and get the most of our virtual labs!


 PraxiLabs Major Partnerships in 2022

We are very proud that more than 100 educational institutions are benefiting from our lab simulations. We always strive to find innovative solutions for a developed educational future in all the world and improve the quality of education.  In 2022 we made successful partnerships:

 Partnership with C&E Adaptive Learning Solutions in Philippines    

In 2022, we made a great partnership with C&E Adaptive Learning Solutions, the only educational publisher and distributor in the Philippines.

Partnership with Digital MQR in Sultanate of Oman

Partnership with Digital MQR in Sultanate of Oman

We signed a partnership contract with “Digital MQR” in the Sultanate of Oman. Digital MQR is considered the first digital company in the Sultanate of Oman mainly specialized in digitizing public and private educational sectors like government, business and private institutions.

Partnership with Tec-Quest in Mexico

We made a partnership with Tec-Quest, an organization with over 20 years of experience integrating technology into Mexican educational institutions as the official distributor of  PraxiLabs Virtual Labs.

Partnership with Hisco in Malaysia

Partnership with Hisco in Malaysia - PraxiLabs 2022 achievements

We made a strategic partnership with Hisco (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd, an organization with more than 49 years of experience in setting up laboratories and turn-key projects, as the exclusive distributor for PraxiLabs’ products and services in Malaysia.

PraxiLabs 2022 Prestigious Universities List

 in 2022 we added several new and prestigious universities to our clients list:

  • The University of Nizwa
  • Galala University
  • Tiba University (SA)
  • Damam University (SA)
  • Faisal University (SA)
  • La Salle Universidad (Mexico)
  • De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences (Philippines)
  • Asia-Pacific International University (Thailand)
  • Universidad de Piura (Peru)
  • Colegio San Agustin Bacolod (Philippines)
  • Columban College Inc. – Nursing (Philippines)
  • UNIVERSITY OF ST. LA SALLE (Philippines)
  • King’s College London (UK)
  • Ulster University (UK)

PraxiLabs Launches Initiative to Promote Virtual Labs Culture in Egyptian Public Universities for Modern Science Teaching

  In order to realize the State’s plan in Egypt 2030, and based on the vision of the Ministry of Higher Education to support digital transformation of education, PraxiLabs ventures on a new initiative to spread the culture of 3D virtual laboratories and popularize the experience of teaching virtual sciences in Egyptian public universities.

More details

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PraxiLabs Successful Free Webinars with +6000 Registrants

Virtual Labs Advancing Science Education Webinar

Virtual Labs Advancing Science Education Webinar

PraxiLabs Success Story in Philippines Webinar

PraxiLabs Success Story in Philippines Webinar

Watch the full webinar for more details

PraxiLabs New Enhancements and Simulations Webinar

PraxiLabs New Enhancements and Simulations Webinar

Watch the full webinar for more details

PraxiLabs Most Prominent Developments in 2022

+20 New Experiments Added to PraxiLabs Exceptionally Diverse Catalog

In order to provide you with an all-in-one portal of 3D interactive virtual science simulation, in 2022 we added more than 20 new online virtual science experiments to PraxiLabs catalog.

Our newly launched experiments cover topics in the fields of molecular biology, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, thermodynamics, lab safety, and more.

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PraxiLabs New Exciting Features Released

Discover More

Skolera and PraxiLabs integrated into one Virtual Education World

Because at PraxiLabs we always strive to find innovative solutions for a highly creative educational future, Skolera is now integrated with PraxiLabs to provide Skolera users with the top science virtual simulation’s lab globally.

PraxiLabs New Dashboard Released

In2022, PraxiLabs released new dashboard, which was specifically designed to provide a greater user-friendly interface and an unparalleled interactive experience.

Praxilabs 2022 Abstract | PraxiLabs 2022 Recap

In this video, we talk about PraxiLabs 2022 achievements and challenges 

PraxiLabs 2023 Vision and Mission

We’d like to end with our 2023 vision and mission:

Vision | A brighter future for our world with Equal Educational Opportunity.

Mission | Using technology to provide advanced levels of education and unlocking more possibilities for students anywhere across the globe with increased engagement, enhanced outcomes and better understanding.

We are still working very hard to provide the best to PraxiLabs users all over the world and we hope the year 2023 will be full of success for us and for everyone.

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