The University of Jeddah Will Benefit from Using PraxiLabs Simulations in Their Courses

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PraxiLabs, the international leader in the field of virtual science labs, announced the joining of the University of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to be among the universities to which we are happy to provide our digital services. Now there are more than 10,000 students, at the University of Jeddah, who have begun to conduct their experiments using the simulations of PraxiLabs in their courses this year.

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Jeddah University is the most modern university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was established in 2014. It contains 22 colleges with modern majors in the fields of technology, science, engineering, and others to meet the needs of the labor market according to the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. It offers academically supportive education for students.

 We want to thank both Dr. Talal Alasmari, Director of e-Learning and Distance Education Center at the University of Jeddah, and Mr. Abdul Rehman Shaikh, Representative of Education E-Solutions, our distributor in Saudi Arabia, for their great collaboration with us to attain this partnership.

It is worth noting that PraxiLabs has been established, and it is continuously developed and supported by a specialized team of programmers and education experts who realize the importance of scientific experiments and tests in the field of science education.

We have developed PraxiLabs labs with the aim of making virtual science labs accessible, easy to use, and affordable for educational institutions and schools. PraxiLabs not only provides virtual science labs but also integrates rich educational content that helps students understand the steps of conducting experiments while providing them with additional information.

We are proud of this news and waiting for more universities to join us soon.

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Discover more about Virtual Labs | Your Top FAQs Addressed!

What is virtual lab in college?

Virtual labs are interactive and immersive solutions that provide college students with access to realistic biology, chemistry, and physics labs. They enrich students’ understanding and learning outcomes with a variety of informational and educational content.These labs simulate physical labs, enabling students to perform science experiments online, from their personal devices anytime and anywhere without the costs and limitations of a physical lab.

What are the advantages of virtual labs?

Virtual labs offer a wide range of advantages such as:

Immersive interaction and 3D virtual experiment simulations

Virtual lab simulations provide interactive and immersive 3D virtual science experiments that mimic realistic lab environment., providing students with better time management, enhanced skills and increased knowledge for improved learning outcomes. 


Conducting experiments in real laboratories can be very expensive. Virtual labs eliminate the need for costly tools, equipment, materials, and maintenance. This allows educational institutions to invest in virtual laboratories to provide their students with a larger number of experiments and also saving money.

Enhanced Safety

Virtual labs Offer a safe workspace around lab material,by allowing the students to work remotely and avoid direct contact with hazardous materials such as toxic or radioactive substances and electricity.

Time efficiency

By using virtual labs, students can save more time and effort, Virtual labs eliminate the need to move between different laboratories. Students can save time by accessing experiments and learning resources without the need for setup or cleanup. This efficiency enables students to focus more on the core learning objectives, maximizing their educational experience. Available anytime, anywhere and for unlimited times.

Virtual laboratories offer a virtual learning and teaching environment designed to enhance student’s practical skills and learning outcomes. Because  they are available through the Internet, educators can perform many different experiments without being restricted to specific places or times as it is in the case of using real laboratories. Students can conduct their experiments with 24/7 unlimited accessibility.

What are the requirements for virtual lab?

To use virtual labs, you will need the following:

  • Laptop/Computer
  • Operating system
  • Internet access
  • Modern web browser

How effective are the virtual labs?

Studies have shown that virtual labs in science can be just  as effective as physical laboratory activities in teaching certain subjects. Furthermore, integrating laboratory simulations into teaching strategies has been shown to result in high student engagement and positive feedback.

For instance, PraxiLabs,  has an 80% learning retention rate among its users. We have also received positive feedback from educators, who have noted that physics virtual labs offer a quality alternative to in-person labs and allow students to actively engage with the material.

How helpful is the virtual lab system in Saudi Arabia ?

According to a study to evaluate the efficiency of using the virtual science labs (VSL) and measuring their differences compared to HOLs, a pre-test was conducted with five second-year middle school students from different schools in Jeddah.

The results indicate the positive impact of using the VSL on the students and demonstrate the need for VSL in middle schools in Saudi Arabia.. VSL could improve the learning environment and deliver information to the students more clearly. students who used the VSL were able to understand the concept of experiments, their objectives, and the results.

Using visualizations that imitated experiments in HOLs and the ability to conduct the experiments individually also helped the students to understand and remember the information. The VSL can promote learning as enjoyable as all the students were happy and enjoyed conducting the experiments. Also, they explored more experiments and learned more things.


On which platform virtual lab for students would be created?

Virtual labs for students can be created on platforms such as PraxiLabs,  this  3D interactive virtual lab solution provides students with access to realistic biology, chemistry, and physics labs and enriches their understanding with a variety of informational and educational content to enhance their understanding and learning, the aim of providing equal opportunity for enhanced STEM education for students everywhere.

 PraxiLabs offers 20 free virtual lab simulations with all the features you need such as unlimited repetitions, instant guidance, complementary content, Arabic & English interface, and all updates. However, in paid plans, you can go through all the simulations portfolio available and select what you need.

Can virtual labs be accessed offline?

Yes, once PraxiLabs’ virtual simulation is loaded. you can access virtual labs offlineOur mobile application helps you unlocking the limitless possibilities of education, you can perform experiments both online and offline any time

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