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The technological applications in the field of education have varied over the past few years, and the rates of evolution have accelerated in the field of e-learning to keep abreast of the digital age, and virtual labs are considered as one of the most important techniques in e-learning due to its advantages that help both the student and the teacher to achieve all possible benefits through understanding the theoretical part of curriculums and applying the practical side of them, where virtual labs have facilitated conducting the experiments outside the real labs, which saved a lot of time and effort, and removed many of the obstacles for both the student or the teacher to carry out a lot of the experiments.

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Virtual labs have saved money that was allocated to purchase many tools and materials necessary to equip the real labs within the educational institutions. With the emergence of virtual reality technologies and augmented reality, many of educational institutions around the world started to benefit from them.

In this article, we will learn about praxilabs and its benefits for students, teachers, researchers and educational institutions. Let’s start first by the recognition of the technology used in praxilabs which is the virtual reality technology.


What is the virtual reality?

Virtual reality is defined as a 3D interactive environment designed by computer software that is linked to virtual reality glasses. Virtual Reality surrounds the user and introduces him into a virtual world so that the world looks like a real world. Gernsback’s television glasses are the first application of this technology designed in 1936 AD. The technology has started to invade many different fields at the beginning of this century, one of this fields is E-learning.


Virtual Labs

Virtual labs are virtual environment that helps students and teachers connect the practical part of the curriculum to the theoretical part and conduct practical experiments in various fields. These virtual labs provide simulation laboratory looks like the real laboratory by computers and the Internet, and protects the students from exposure to any kind of dangers which happen in real laboratories, also virtual labs do not restrict students and teachers with time or place to conduct experiments, as they can use them wherever the Internet is available and at any time suits them.

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Praxilabs were founded by a dedicated team of programmers and educational experts who understand the importance of scientific experiments in the field of E-learning for science.

Paraxilabs aim to make scientific virtual labs easy to reach, easy to use and affordable for educational institutions and schools.

Praxilabs are not only providing scientific virtual labs but are also integrating a rich content that helps students understand the steps of the experiment and provide them with additional information.

Praxilabs structure consists of a team that is always keen to communicate with the educational institutions and science education experts to learn about the proposals for modernization and development and to ensure that the modern trends in the fields of laboratory experiments are kept up to date.


Praxilabs is divided into three main laboratories

1- Chemistry lab

Praxilabs contain many virtual chemical experiments that are constantly updated and cover the fields of general chemistry, analytical and organic chemistry. Students can learn and understand these experiments without any risks, in addition to saving the regular costs for the purchase of chemicals and laboratory supplies.

2- Physics

Praxilabs contains a 3D simulation of many experiments related to electric physics, magnetism, thermodynamics, electronics, modern physics, nuclear experiments, mechanics, waves and many more. Also Paraxilabs provides you with 3D models of high-cost devices that are difficult to acquire in reality.

3- Biology

For Praxilabs provides more than a virtual microscope to understand at the molecular level only. It will help you to enrich your knowledge and understanding with immersive virtual experiments on topics ranging from DNA extraction and genetic cloning to tissue culture and protein electrophoresis.


Features of Praxilabs

As a one of E-learning application, Praxilabs has many advantages. It helps students and teachers to enter a  3D virtual world, which helps students to understand the curriculum more accurately and in detail.

The Praxilabs labs are available in both Arabic and English, and help students interact more with multiple interactive options and responsive responses, giving students experience and practical training in science curricula.

Praxilabs are compatible with the educational platforms known and modern and can be accessed from anywhere, so your personal virtual lab goes with you wherever you go and it is one of the most important features of E-learning, in addition to it saves a lot of money that spending on expensive equipment, as it dispense with using chemicals in the laboratory, thus giving you a safer and less expensive alternative.

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