PraxiLabs on TV Live | How We Won Africa’s Business Heroes Competition First Place!

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Founder & CEO of PraxiLabs, Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy, was interviewed live on Arise TV News last Friday. Here’s a sneak peak into the whole interview. Read all you need about it now.

Our CEO was invited to be a guest on Arise TV News, a global broadcaster, to share her journey as a successful Arab African entrepreneur woman having been crowned number 1 in the 2021 Africa’s Business Heroes competition

PraxiLabs CEO was chosen out of the top 10 winners of more than 12,000 applicants from all over the continent.

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During the TV interview, Dr. Khadija was asked about her experience winning first place in the Africa’s Business Heroes competition (ABH) and she said that whenever anyone asks her about ABH, the first word that comes to her mind is “It’s a really very unique” experience.

Dr. Khadija also made it clear that PraxiLabs has participated already in several competitions and won in a lot of them but ABH was so different in terms of the impact that it leaves on people’s lives. 

A big reason for that is that ABH aims to pick the best entrepreneurs in Africa that could truly impact all people!


ABH Top Winner: A Solution Impacting Millions of People

Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy, founder & CEO of PraxiLabs was a guest at Arise TV News

The competition’s legendary judges don’t look for businesses who may impact just hundreds of people, although that’s an amazing endeavour. It’s millions of lives out there that get impacted by the startups they chose! Here’s how PraxiLabs CEO explained it…


“Startups are in education, in health and in agriculture, so their impact on, like, millions, actually, in Africa is huge but not only in that. But from my perspective as an entrepreneur, it just does a lot of learning and mentoring for us, so once you start just applying, you get to know a lot. You get to be connected to experts from your industry, to be mentored by the best people there, and then if all goes well as in our case, you just get to be proud as you win something as prestigious as ABH!”

– Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy, PraxiLabs CEO 


To the interviewer at Arise TV News, Dr. Khadija also stressed the importance of competitions like ABH to Entrepreneurship in Africa.

She elaborated that one of the very essential things that could happen during such a competition is collaboration and networking between startups and how strong, successful partnerships can go out of this.

Not only that, but what’s more important is that through ABH competition, people now know that there are others out there supporting them.

Just 12000 applications, for example, may submit for the competition but not all of them win. And even if they don’t, they try to learn how to win so they are motivated and pushed to do their best, they are really challenged. So it’s a win-win situation for all.

PraxiLabs Founder and CEO told Arise TV she thinks it’s amazing to just see how many people can go through this, how many of them will learn, and how this will affect their businesses so that everything can start improving and, again, it’s a huge community getting those people together.


Why Virtual Labs? 

When the interviewer asked Dr. Khadija about PraxiLabs and what it does, she explained that PraxiLabs is a virtual labs platform. It’s as if you’re doing the experiments across chemistry, biology, and physics.. Rather than having to go to the real lab which you might not be able to, you do it on your computer.. 


You open your computer. You have a web browser. You open the platform. And you can do every experiment with all the steps


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With the help of an explanatory video of a DNA extraction experiment, and clarified that anyone can go through the experiment step by step, make sure they learn it, and improve the learning outcomes as well. 

Also, you don’t have to go through the safety hazards, the high costs of running a lab but even the consumables are very expensive for our countries and that is only one of the benefits of the virtual labs. 

Additionally, looking at how many students can enter the lab at the same time, but with a virtual lab every student has his own lab at his fingertips so we are just really trying to just make a difference and make labwork accessible to every student in Africa.

The Secret Is Out

Virtual Labs in the Metaverse Future.. How?!


Dr. Khadija delved into a curious talk about the metaverse technology and how it can be a great part of PraxiLab’s future. 

She clarified that PraxiLabs has been there for years before all the current talk about the metaverse. The team is always looking out for better innovation around us.

Watch the interview and get more details on all of this! Our team is looking forward to always trying everything new but we take it very carefully because we are not after the hype, for example.

Getting more into it, PraxiLabs CEO stated that her team’s priority is to make sure that this does add value to the learning outcomes of students. So if it really adds value to education over time, they’ll be happy to work with it!

 “We do a lot of trials. We do a lot of experimentation with experts and psychologists to make sure this really affects students in a positive way and doesn’t have any effects, for example, side effects on their health. So this is very important for us to make sure of first”

– Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy, PraxiLabs CEO, on Metaverse in Education 


Defeat All Obstacles: How Can Virtual Labs Reach All of Africa

This is a very crucial point that she discussed during her interview. She was asked about how PraxiLabs can counter the problem of some parts of Africa lacking access to the Internet.

It goes without saying that PraxiLabs depends on the Internet. But PraxiLabs team is optimistic about the improvement over time. And they’re already working on a solution for better science education in Africa.


New Release: PraxiLabs App for Virtual Lab Students

“We’re working on our own plans to make sure we don’t have anything or any blocker in our way to reach all the students in Africa. And that’s why we’re working so hard to release our native app very soon. It will help with a lot of issues in the Internet but also with the infrastructure, as not all the students there have laptops. A lot of them are used to their phones and their tablets, so we are very optimistic about being able to help using our native app very soon”

– Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy, PraxiLabs CEO, on how virtual labs can reach all of Africa 


Let’s Talk about Innovation in School Curriculums in Egypt!

The interviewer ended their talk by asking Dr. Khadija about her opinion on school curriculums in Egypt, for instance, and if they keep up with innovation.

It’s not only about changing curriculums. It’s about changing the curriculum but also having a lot of teachers’ developments.. 


Although this might also be the case in a lot of other countries in the world. But we still need to work hard to make sure that we develop all curriculums in Egypt.

The CEO stressed again that this should not be treated “like a hype or just going with innovations,” but to make sure that this is really what our students need and that our teachers are ready and developed with enough skills to teach these curriculums. 


“I believe that our government has been working hard in the last few years on those 2 aspects, teachers’ development and also changing the curriculums and making sure we are up to date. We’re not yet there, but I’m sure that we’re going on the right track and are moving progressively!”

– Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy, PraxiLabs CEO, on science education, teachers’ development, and curriculums development in Egypt 


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